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Leopard 2 SG Main Battle Tank Gun Upgrade to French Made Gun NATO 120mm L52

Objective: Design to penetrate all Russian Made Tank due to higher muzzle velocity produce by 120mm L52 Gun


a)    Installation with New Modified Components on Leopard 2 SG Main Battle Tank to fit the customised French Made Gun NATO 120mm L52


b)  Separate sales only - Made in France Gun NATO 120mm L52 customised to fit Leopard 2 Battle Tank                                                       .


Leopard 2 SG up-gunned with French Made NATO 120mm L52 Gun                        Made in France NATO 120mm L52 Gun


Singapore Original Old Leopard 2 A4 NATO 120mm L44 Gun

For Sale - Due to over-production in Euro


New Battle Tank Gun NATO 120mm L50 with missile firing capability for sell at US$900,000 per Gun.


A similar Gun Technology used by Merkava Mk. 4 Main Battle Tank.


Current stock on hand 66 Guns in Euro warehouse. 


Limited to Singapore Asia Pacific Strategic Defence Alliance Countries only.



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